Phu Quoc – The Last of the story for the island not the trip!

Ah, so we are traveling past what looks like impromtu little communties as we navigate our way to visit a pearl farm and a beach on the South side of the island that is noted to be very popular.  We made our way to the Pearl Farm and I finally got myself a little trinket (pearl bracelet) and grudgingly got back on the motorbike for another 45 minute ride on bumpy hard red dirt to make our way to the beach. 


Oh, goodness, it was great to get to the beach and wash off all the red dirt….(best looking tan I ever had) and stuck our toes in the beautiful white sand then made the plunge into the ocean to clean up a bit.   

 Welcom to my island!

Move over Tiff, this is MY island!

Dipping the toes on the soft white sand!!



(I still have not gotten a hold of how to edit this thing!  Please forgive the amateur hour)   

Now on our way back, we made much better time.  Here are some photos taken during the trip.   

Just a pretty rock in the ocean.


Happy Buddha!   

Temple at the Lighthouse!   


Hiya Kate!     

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